Jod-Sole-Therme Bad Bevensen

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Well-being for body and soul

The iodine-brine spa in Bad Bevensen is a place of peace and health. For more than 40 years, people looking for relaxation have found it here. Did you know that with a visit to the Hotel Sonnenhügel, admission to the popular spa is already included, as we offer the THERMEplus package? With THERMEplus, admission to the Jod-Sole Therme with the sauna area and the associated Brine & Salt World is included in the price of your overnight stay (business stays excluded). You can use the spa once per overnight stay without any time limit.


Not sought and yet found

In the 1960s, people in Bad Bevensen were not thinking of an iodine-brine spa when huge drills were boring holes in the earth. Rather, oil was being drilled in the region. However, Bad Bevensen turned out to be an unsuitable source of crude oil. In the process, another surprising discovery was made: an iodine-brine spring.

This promising discovery was developed in today's spa area. In 1976, the iodine-brine spa opened and gave Bevensen the "bath" in its name. This gave a big boost to the development of the small town, which until then had been a climatic health resort. The only thermal spa in the Lüneburg Heath was now to be built here instead of large oil rigs.


Today an oasis of relaxation

When you think of Bad Bevensen, you automatically plan a visit to the "Therme". The Jod-Sole-Therme in Bad Bevensen impresses with its warm, light colours and floor-to-ceiling glass windows, which create a wonderful, light-flooded atmosphere.

This thermal landscape is now the largest in northern Germany and is open all year round.

In addition, you will find spacious water landscapes with indoor and outdoor pools in Bad Bevensen's thermal baths, which are tempered with water temperatures of 32 and 36 °C. This constant temperature hardly drains any energy from your body due to the small difference to body temperature. This means that relaxation sets in quickly.

The water also has an exceptionally high salt content of over 3 percent. Here you can literally let yourself go, because your body is literally carried. Especially if you have joint pain, you will feel and enjoy the lightness.


What does the Iodine Brine Spa have to offer?

In addition, the Jod-Sole-Therme offers a wide range of saunas, sports and relaxation facilities. The wellness and vitality area created in 2014 with the brine & salt world also leaves nothing to be desired. If you can't find the treatment you're looking for, just drop by the spa.

Due to the enchanting location directly at the beautifully planted 12-hectare spa park, just treat yourself to a walk before or after a visit to the Jod-Sole-Therme to discover the many strange trees. Experience and enjoy culture - you can do this in the Ku(ltu)rhaus, built in 2016, which offers an attractive programme of events and is always worth a visit.

You can look forward to the following highlights when visiting the Jod-Sole-Therme:


  • 1,000 sqm sauna landscape
  • 1,000 sqm Spa & Wellness
  • 1,700 sqm brine water
  • over 250,000 guests annually
  • Extensive range of sports and relaxation activities
  • Relaxation in the sauna
  • 32 degrees water temperature
  • Salt content of over 3 percent
  • View of the beautiful spa gardens

Sauna landscape

Spa & Wellness


Our bonus for you

When you visit Hotel Sonnenhügel in Bad Bevensen, admission to the Jod-Sole-Therme is already included with every overnight stay. Business stays are excluded from this.


Benefit from THERMEplus® advantages

We are a THERMEplus® hotel. This means that you receive free daily admission to the Jod-Sole-Therme including the sauna area with the brine & salt world and can visit the rose bath during the summer months. In addition, numerous free courses are included in the Bevensen guest card.


Your exclusive Bevensen Card

As Bad Bevensen is a climatic health resort and has a spa, tourists pay a guest contribution for their stay. This helps to preserve the environment and benefits the local facilities and events for visitors.

When you pay the guest fee, you automatically receive the Bevensen Card and can enjoy many free services throughout the year, such as sports and relaxation offers and various discounts.

So your holiday at the Hotel Sonnenhügel in Bad Bevensen pays off twice.

Bathing in the healing waters

Warm light colours, floor-to-ceiling glass windows and generous waterscapes.

Those who come to Bad Bevensen for the first time to bathe may be surprised by the peace and serene tranquillity of the spacious iodine-brine spa.

Unwind now at the Hotel Sonnenhügel

Are you looking for absolute peace and maximum relaxation? Or would you like to get to know Bad Bevensen and the Lüneburg Heath better? Then you are at the right place with us at Hotel Sonnenhügel. We not only enable you to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in the north of Germany, but also appreciate our region. Convince yourself of our love for the region, which will run through your entire stay like a red thread.

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